History of the 24UP

2016: Improvement of several neighbourhoods in Antwerp.

2015: Residential building and concept of communal living on an island in the Homeruskwartier, Almere.

2014: Redevelopment factory terrain "de Heus" in 's Hertogenbosch.

2013: Redevelopment Oliemolenkwartier Amersfoort.

2012: Redevelopment Waterkwartier and monument Grasso, Den Bosch.

2010: Redevelopment Station Utrecht.

2009: Redevelopment Thialf Heerenveen.

2008: Development area Leidsche Rijn.

2007: Redevelopment Uiterwaarden Rijn in the city center of Arnhem.

2006: Architectural vision of the theme for the Annie M. G. Schmidt House & Park in Almere.

2005: Redevelopment of the Maaswaard in Venlo.

2004: Four plots for companies where the program is greater than the lots allow (intensify overcrowding).

2003: Residential for five hundred students, consisting of small modules on the TU/e campus.

2002: Meeting place for youth in Tongelre (J.O.P.).

2001: Representative entrance facade for two business premises of Philips Lighting at the Hurksestraat.

2000: Pavilion for the presentation of the Audi A2 between the Audicentre and the A2 Maastricht-Amsterdam.