CHEOPS, Study Association of the Built Environment is the main study association of the faculty of the Built Environment. CHEOPS represents all the students of our faculty and protects the general interests of these students. CHEOPS is located in the bridge connecting Vertigo and the Zwarte Doos.

Greenport Venlo Ontwikkelbedrijf
Ontwikkelbedrijf Greenport Venlo focuses on companies in the agricultural, food, trade and logistics sectors. In the past years many companies have successfully settled in this area. However, there is still enough space to expand.

Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments that we are influencing the future. Bright people and 'new kids on the block' are part of a fast growing open innovation community. We take advantage of grand challenges to secure a sustainable future for all people on our planet and generations to come. Thatís Brightlands - knowledge crossing borders.

Lybrae was established in 2002 and has grown into an independent project consultancy firm with more than 250 consultants and well over 100 clients. We destress governments and the business community and offer solutions for technical, political and legal issues. We are active in the fields of architecture, spatial development, civil engineering, environmental policies and administrative law.


Munckhof offers customized solutions in, among others:

We are able to combine all these different services and that makes us unique in the Netherlands. Munckhof has the expertise and coordinates and directs her transport- and travel partners. In this way, our customers and relations can address all their questions and wishes in one place. Total unburdening in transport management.