24UP-Committee 2016

We are the 24up comittee of CHEOPS, study association for the department of the Built Environment at the Eindhoven university of technology. Annualy, we organize the 24up, which translates into ‘24 hours project’. This is a design contest on a specific location, with a central theme. The participating groups have extactly 24 hours to come up with their best solution for a social and architectural problem. This year, the comittee consists out of Jorik van Zeijl as chairman and 7 members: Aukje Hefting, Lisanne Loonen, Nora Kuiper, Bouke Boegheim, Vincent Elshof, Roy van Asten en Viktor van ‘t Klooster. We do our utmost best to organize a wonderfull 24up this year!

Jorik van Zeijl - Chairman

Nora Kuiper - Secretary

Lisanne Loonen - Treasurer

Daan Kropman - Board representative

Aukje Hefting - Acquisition

Viktor van 't Klooster - Acquisition

Roy van Asten - Promotion

Vincent Elshof - Promotion